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The French presenter and manufacturer of more famous French headphones, Major has the reputation of generating a audio system and has built headphones in his modern art factory located in St-Etienne, in the south of England. Although most of the company's products are made using palm technology, the company has invested heavily in mechanization and advanced robotics Totally not knowledgeable to create new models of drivers with very good specifications. The modern Elegia model that we have reviewed over the past week is one of the products to use with the advanced automatic product. In the past, we have revealed the types of Elear, Crystal clear and Paradise earphones from Focal and found them very comfortable and in perfect health. The three types I checked were open models, which means that they are not isolated from external sounds and disturbances. The music coming from the earphones can also leak and annoy other people sitting next to you. This style of earpiece is intended primarily for audiophile savvy who like to listen to their music in peaceful places. Probably shortly before going to bed, it can be boring for a big pair of audio system. Nevertheless, to date, Major has never manufactured headphones to receive digital music participants of good quality and quality, when traveling or in situations that are not completely peaceful. Well, now Major has finally blocked the visible difference in his series of luxury headphones with the kickoff of the new Elegia, a turn-a-turn design that uses many of the technologies involved in open-reinforcement types However, with a major remodeling of the design in order to perform as Reviewed: Brand New well as you can in a kind aspect, again closed.

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