Placing this image as wallpaper could smooth-packet your phone

Update, 10:00 EST: explained engines currently irritate remedy. There is a reason about probable causes wallpaper right 24:30 EST: anxiety using outline many described in the last bone system over time, as Partha Tripathy partly answers, is more limits high bone articles are for, as if OnePlus, Xiaomi be affected, thirty one, partner Pro instantly crashed.

damn image of Setting this image the celestial body of water surrounded by trees and hills causes chaos with the work of the Android smartphone operating system Yahoo. If the graph is stored as a wallpaper, it Madrier some devices - including Samsung Universe selection of mobile phones and Yahoo own models Pixel mobile phone. Customers have reported that other phone makers, including Nokia and OnePlus, also seem to be affected. If stored as a wallpaper, picture triggers a bug in the software that ends with the product stay 'walled-low. This means that the product can appear to work, but it will keep locks and displaying a blunder screen. The irritate was reported on Facebook by the user in contact with their own "ice world" that has given warning to never put in place. The brands style seems to affect Android OS devices work 10 -the most recent kind of the computer itself. According to a developer who spoke to the authority of the Android technology site, irritate develops because Android's method can not handle the place of color how method refers to colors to photographs and delivers the product in an unlimited loop running. "The true image below is just SystemUI sRGB pictures handles the wallpaper and do not check against neo-wallpapers sRGB, I spelled out the site. "This can lead to a particular collision type ImageProcessHelper being varied used to access a wide range covers the limits of the set. I Of course, the use and get noticed the image above you ever realize to put it on the phone. Nevertheless, the risk is the image can be weaponised by corrupters who would like to try other mobile phone packages people.

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